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Diesel Applications

We all appreciate that generators provide standby power, in some cases a revenue stream for the business, but we pride ourselves in delivering individuality to each and every project from the off set.

Design consultantsand clients alike whether it be for new or existing installations have different criteria which reflects their individuality & business critical needs, stamping their mark on the project as a whole.

Our team listen to the designers and clients, their existing and/or new requirements; we establish an understanding of your business, enabling us to work through the implementation process with minimal disruption to the day to day business as possible, to cover all "what if scenario’s".

We establish a conceptual solution which is discussed and reviewed at all levels and constantly throughout the project to ensure the delivery meets to initial concept.

Paralleling (synchronising) diesel generation is nothing new, but again for some the speed of response of an asset is crucial, for others resilience to business loads is priority. Synchronising systems, be it multiple generators or mains & generator paralleling is our "core" business; we care about the implementation, the sequencing, customer expectations, our aim therefore is to ensure we deliver a satisfactory solution to your business.

Our End Customers Include