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Mains Protection - G83, G59, G10 Panels

Utilizing the ComAp range of mains protection relays including G59/3 we offer mains protection panels and commissioning for a wide range of Grid Connection Applications.

General Description

  • Designed with the aim to satisfy the requirements of loss of mains and mains disturbances
  • Our control panel solutions are used as a stand alone control/protection panel for solar arrays (photo voltaic) systems, embedded generator systems and
  • CHP configured units and wind turbine protection
  • Our panel solutions range from the simple protection relay mounted within a suitable enclosure wired to terminals ready for site installation to more comprehensive systems incorporating isolation, power switching and distribution
  • Our products and solutions provide optional features such as history event logging, remote monitoring and site specific programming
  • Solutions are based on ComAp MainsPro, InteliPro and DeepSea P100 units
Our End Customers Include